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Welcome to Medic Shuttle, your trusted partner in Ambulatory and Wheelchair Transportation Services. We are dedicated to providing reliable and compassionate transportation solutions, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can access medical appointments, social engagements, and daily activities with ease.

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Our Transport Services

Medic Shuttle specialize in Ambulatory and Wheelchair Transportation Services, prioritizing accessibility, comfort, and reliability to ensure individuals with mobility challenges receive safe and convenient transportation.



Providing essential transport for dialysis patients, ensuring reliable and comfortable journeys to and from medical appointments

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Providing specialized patient transportation services for radiation therapy, ensuring comfortable journey to medical appointments.

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Hospital and SNF Discharges

Seamless patient transportation for hospital and SNF discharges, ensuring a smooth transition to destinations.

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Doctor Appointments

Seamless patient transport to doctor appointments, ensuring timely and stress-free access to healthcare

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Wound Care

Providing specialized patient transportation for wound care, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys to medical appointments.

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Providing compassionate and reliable transportation for chemotherapy patients, ensuring a safe journey to and from treatment

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Blood Work

Efficient and compassionate patient transportation services for blood work appointments, ensuring stress-free journeys.

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We Provide Ambulatory and Wheelchair transportation Services

Please call 925-525-9483 to schedule services

Medic Shuttle

Your Trusted Transportation Provider

Medic Shuttle your trusted provider of Ambulatory and Wheelchair Transportation Services, ensuring safe and efficient journeys for all.

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    Medic Shuttle ensuring Client Satisfaction through Reliable Ambulatory and Wheelchair Transportation Services.

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    Medic Shuttle elevating Lives with Exceptional Ambulatory and Wheelchair Transportation Services, Earns Positive Ratings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Medic Shuttle specializes in ambulatory and wheelchair transportation services. We offer safe and comfortable transportation for individuals with varying mobility needs, ensuring they reach their destinations with ease.
Our services are available to anyone requiring ambulatory or wheelchair transportation. This includes seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those recovering from medical procedures.
Booking a ride with Medic Shuttle is simple. You can call our dedicated hotline, use our online booking platform, or through our mobile app. Our customer service team is available to assist you with the booking process.
While we primarily focus on non-emergency medical transportation, we understand that situations may arise. Please call our emergency line, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Yes, all Medic Shuttle drivers undergo specialized training to assist individuals with various mobility needs. They are equipped to provide the necessary support and ensure a safe and comfortable journey.
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